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Nawah, Choreodrama

Student Cultural Cente

Sunday, July 9th, Student Cultural Center at 21.00
Munir Said, Egypt
Nawah, Choreodrama

In Arabic navah means nucleus. The idea of the performance is inspired by the nucleus.  
Nawah is a solo piece that represents a blend of dance, music and light. Live music is produced by an oriental instrument called the electric oud but with a touch of modern art, while а performer dances and sings.

Mounir Saeed became involved with contemporary dance in 2007 and is considered to be the member of the new generation of contemporary dance in Egypt.He has gained great experience working as a dancer and choreographer and has participated in several festivals such as To be Continued, D-Caf festival, Nasim el Raks festival, Night of Contemporary Dance in various countries: France, Holland, Italy, Sweden, Tunisia, Syria, Lebanon.In 2014, in collaboration with the British Council in Egypt, Said presented the performance piece called Prophesy / Submission.The most prominent solo and group works for which he did choreography are The Other & Me, Maybe, Do not Make Me Hurt You, Dead Dog / Vision, A Room Filled With Smoke, Small Story, Over the Horizon. Said holds workshops of contemporary dance at several cultural institutions in Cairo.

Mostafa Rashad is a performer from Cairo. He worked with many bands from Egypt as a singer and musician and collaborated with musicians from abroad. He was a member of the bandFabrika and went ontour in four cities in the USA, where he performed at Broadway shows such as Les Misérable, Phantom of the Opera as well as in Cairo in the show El Leila El Kebera. Rashad performed with NeveеnAllouba and sang at her concerts in the Cairo Opera House. He also participated in a dance performance Enshrined with Mahmoud Rabeay in To be Continued Festival in 2011. Rashad is currently working on his album with his new band Sarmad.

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