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Student Cultural Centre

Sunday, July 2, Courtyard of the Student Cultural Centre at 21:00

The concept of this year`s concert is called 100 years of jazz, where libretto represents imaginary steamship cruise, on which exquisite, the most popular compositions from the beginning of the 20th century, at that time written as the music for dancing, were performed, as in good old times, with pleasant, nowadays almost forgotten cheerful and optimistic atmosphere. All those compositions are carefully connected with attractive textual connective tissue, which refers to numerous interesting facts from the era of creation of modern popular music.

This musical-theatrical spectacle takes at least an hour and a half without a break. The programme itself is designed so that, apart from the members of the Orchestra, the most attractive part of the performance, as far as the wide audience is concerned, is the twelve-member dancing ensemble The Dixie Dance Show from Belgrade, whose members, in very attractive costumes from this epoch, dance the swivel dances from the beginning of the 20th century such as charlеston, cake walk, black bottom, foxtrot, quick step and slow fox.

This exclusive ceremonial programme, based on already proven concept of American music hall, consists of 15 internationally famous compositions, very familiar to any age, which, by their importance and festivity ideally fit in the highly stylized cultural concepts in Belgrade.
The audience will have the opportunity to enjoy the excellent performance of academically educated members of this unique Orchestra and outstanding vocal abilities of one of today's most popular jazz singers in Serbia, Miss Alex B. This music and stage show is performed by 20 artists from Belgrade.

The eight-member-band, founded in 2001, is the only orchestra in the Balkans which continuously performs music within the genre Dixieland Jazz and as such represents the unique artistic treasure of Serbia. The Orchestra released a total of six CD editions, the first three for PGP RTS, the leading record label of Serbia, and three for the European market. The Orchestra had over 300 solo concerts in the country and abroad, and participated in many international jazz festivals. This is the only jazz band in the country whose concert programme has an emphasized educational function.

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